Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tips To Save On Family Planning

For married couples, do you practice family planning? If yes, I have tips for you on how to save. Of course for those who does not do it the natural way, like counting your cycle or retrieving it before ejaculation. As for me, I don't trust my body or my hubby. :P

For Malaysians, do you know that you can actually get free condom, free IUD, free pills, free hormone jab etc from the Government Clinic? All this are paid by the tax payer, that's us. (psst...I still not eligible to pay tax, my salary very low mah) :P So why pay money to the private clinic or pharmacy to get your condom and others?

Look, what I got just now. 24 pcs of condom for a month. That is more than enough. Me not sexually active. :P

You want some? Go visit the nearest Government Clinic tomorrow. :)

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