Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Subtle Blackmail

Well, I have not been ranting about work lately. Nothing much happened since the Operation Manager left.

But something interesting happened just now.

Two Fire Brigade officers came to invite us to participate in their coming training. Not free one, got to pay RM350 per person. Boss sure won't consider. Normally the OM will entertain them but since he is not around, it is my job now.

I know that OM will usually give them a bottle each of car lubricants before they leave but I pretended not knowing about it. This is what one of the officers said to me:

One of your panels has a problem. We check it just now. Normally we will compound the company but we are giving you chance this time. Please inform your boss to get the contractor to fix it. Btw, do you sell lubricant? (in my heart, of course, we manufacture them!) Can we have a bottle each?

Hello! They think I dunno meh? Blackmailing me to get free lubricant. They have been here so many times. So I told boss about it and gave them one each.

It seems that now I have to face the police officers too besides them. All come for free lubricants.

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JO-N said...

That's Malaysia.