Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maybank ATM Out of Service at 12 Midnight

My savings are not in Malaysia so I can't go over the counter and withdraw one lump sum of the money to pay BIL. I need to withdraw it from the ATM a few times. For Maybank, their one time withdrawal limit is RM1500 per day but I dunno how many times we can withdraw per day.

So I wanted to be a smart Alec and went there 10 mins before 12 midninght. Hoping that I can withdraw more; an amount before 12 mn and and amount after 12mn. So we (hubby and I) went to the nearest Maybank in town.

To our surprise we can withdraw 3 times = RM4500 but hubby dare not try the 4th time, scared that the machine will swallow our card.

Then we immediately deposit the cash to BIL account. The moment out transaction completed, the machine went out of service. LOL! The ATM machine close at 12mn!

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msaufong said...

"stupid" can set the maybank ATM withdraw up to RM3K per day lah..go to your maybank2u online and change the max withdraw amount lah..:p