Sunday, October 28, 2007

Awake To Delete

I am still awake at this time (3.11am) for 2 days already. No! I do not have a lot of paid post to write. Normally I will be awake to write paid post that is going to be due soon. This time, I am awake to DELETE paid post! Not all, only those that does not require permanent link like PPP (30 days) and Loudlaunch (45 days). I don't delete all of them. Some that I find worth keeping I will just removed the link. I hope this will help increase my PR again soon. How soon, I dunno. I just take any action that might be of help.

1 comment:

huisia said...

me too, i deleted a lot of 3p and LL posts lately, but it still couldn't help me to maintain my PR.