Saturday, September 08, 2007

Writing Craps for Interim

I got up early this morning around 4.20am to PU and saw hubby blogging away. PPP got a lot of opps. After he is done with his blog. I took over and blog away in my blogs. Actually I did not plan to wake up early today because I slept late that night but USD waiting at the door you don't want to take meh?

Now, in the office, I am having a mild headache. Can't think much to write paid post so I went blog hopping. Due to the new PPP ToS, I saw a lot of craps interim for other paid post that is not PPPs just as to not violate the ToS. We don't want to be banned by PPP right unless; you can really earn a lot from other blog advertisers.

Will I do the same? Maybe, when I am really out of ideas on what to write. I just hope that PPP will change that ToS, if not every single story/gossip that my colleague tell me I will blog! LOL.

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