Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jersey as Pajamas

Growing in a low income family, we try to save as much as possible. We only spend on necessities like food, paying water bills and electricity bills (at that time we don’t even have a house phone), education and new clothes only once a year during the Chinese New Year. Our everyday clothes are all hand-me-down from the older cousin and rich neighbour’s children. Do you know what we wear as our pajamas? Our daddy’s huge football jersey! But we like them. They have daddy’s smell. :)

Now having my own children, they like to play being Mommy and being Daddy and they will wear my baby T and hubby’s football jersey during their play time. It is so cute to see them looking like a dwarf.

I just discovered that wearing football t-shirts as pajamas is not only for the poor. There are website selling NFL Uniforms as Kids Pajamas! They are made of a soft double knit polyester NFL jersey along with double knit polyester pants with elastic waistband and cuffs. I am sure if you can get their favorite NFL team uniform as their pajamas, you won’t have problem putting them to bed. You kid might even dream of playing football with their favorite team. Really a dream comes true. :)

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