Thursday, September 27, 2007

I want Baseball Gloves

If you plan to spend money on me. The gift that would make me smile in my sleep would be Baseball Gloves. Yes! Baseball Gloves. Softball is my favorite sports. Softball is more popular in this part of the world compared to baseball. The game is almost similar and the gloves are the same. When I was in school, I used to bring home the gloves and play with my siblings. At that time, we are to poor to spend on luxury item because these gloves are imported from US.

Since you guys are earning is USD now, come on surprise me with Baseball Gloves. Yes, plural not singular. I need 2 gloves. One for myself and another for my son. Don’t know where to get them? Hop over to please.

I want this one. 4642AU Right Handed Thrower Youth Baseball Glove Ready to Play Pigskin Series 12" by Franklin Sports. Only $34.90 for one. Franklin Baseball Gloves are designed with kids in mind. From hand protection to soft supple leather. So they won’t be complaining that it is not comfortable and hurting their fingers. I am sure my son would love it. Now I only have to wait for my son to grow older to play ball with me.

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