Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Am A Miracle Working Supplier

I just received a phone call from John:

"Hi Michelle, this is John from ABC company. I need you to work miracle for us. We have a shipment for XYZ product on Thursday. Can you please produce the product and send to us by Wednesday?"

"But you just placed order 2 days ago! We need time to bring in the materials you know?"

"Please help. This is urgent. Maybe you have some stocks at your place."

"Ok, I'll check for you."

Thank God this smart lady (that's me...ahem) bought extra materials in the previous order. Normally we don't stock much materials for customer as the materials are very costly. My job is to keep the inventory cost low too.

Actually after a few months dealing with this company, I kinda know their trend. So we keep minimal stocks just in case they expected miracles from us! hehe.

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