Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello, Tell if Got Problem

Sometimes ah, I feel like strangling the workers at the production floor. You see this is what happened recently.

I received a complaint from the customer saying that the ink stenciled on the pail can be easily smeared. I worked in this company for 8 years and never receive this kinda complaint. So I confidently tell the customer that it is impossible the product comes from us. You see, they are buying from other company too. So I told him to get me the batch number on the pail. It is ours!

So I asked the production worker that does the stenciling then only he tell us that he knew all along about it since they changed to a cheaper stencil ink!

So, we have to take responsibility and offered to call back the product if the printing cannot be read anymore at our cost. Thank God so far, none need to be called back.

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