Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He is Resigning

I came back to the office today (yesterday) with a bad news. The Operation Manager (lady boss brother) tendered his resignation. There goes my Monday. I felt very down about his decision. All this is due to the big boss. Always find fault in him and never give him any credit for the things that he has contributed to the company. The same goes with us.

If hubby is already getting some steady income from the business, I think I would join the Operation Manager too. In the first place, I am the one who wanted to resign first. Last month, the Production Manager wanted to resign but they gave him flexible hours. He comes in at 9.30am, by 10am, he went out for 30 mins tea-break, others only get 15mins and he can leave the factory by 4pm. He got the privilege because he is smart, not teaching others about his job.

Unlike me, I am replaceable.

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