Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chinese Bible

Just had a chat with my Lady Boss. She shared something eerie about her recent vacation to China. Before she went there, her MIL gave her three books; it’s like Chinese Bibles to bring along for protection. Her MIL told her to keep one in her handbag and one in each room.

During the trip, she went to a temple that placed the largest Buddha statue. On the way down from the temple, she felt something pulling her handbag but there was no one beside or behind her. She grabs tight her handbag and walk quietly leaving the temple.

According to her, the dead who die due to mishap like accident or murder would seek for people with that Bible to help them have better after life. But my Lady Boss does not even know how to read or use the Bible!

She kept it in her room the next day when she went out sightseeing.

I believe in Jesus, I believe that there are evil spirits roaming the earth but I don’t believe that the dead can haunt people. It is the work of the evil spirit to make people believe in such matter.

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