Friday, August 24, 2007

My Spending This Week

I spent quite a lot this week. Beginning this week, I treat hubby's nieces and nephews with McDonald's Double CheeseBurger. RM82 gone.

Last night, treat them and my children for a movie. Ratatouille. RM54.20 gone plus food and drinks.

While waiting for the movie to start, we went shopping and arcade. My girls each wanted a soft toy, a cute little puppy. Spent another RM19.80. I also got for myself a small bottle of hand sanitizer for RM2.20 which can in handy when my 2nd girl poop during the movie!

Then my eldest saw someone did the hand wax and she wanted it too. Spent RM40 for the above but it is worth it coz it comes with lifetime warranty. They will make another one if it breaks due to whatever reason! Good eh.

The week has not ended and I have already spent RM196.00 not included RM48 for the clothes that my sister bought for my girls. I still have not pay her!

Must pull my brake now! :P

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