Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Savings Now

Since I started work, I never have a saving more than 2k in my account. Firstly, my income is not that much even though I hold the post of a Manager. All this while I have been earning more than hubby so mutually it is understood that I should support my children's expenses and mine too. I really don't mind about it. REALLY!

I am glad that I found PPP and then the rest which really help me increase my savings to an amount that once upon a time it was only a wish. I am only able to indulge a lil bit, going into restaurant that those days I dare not even step foot unless someone treats us there.

However, I am still not willing to spend more than just expensive food. It is not easy to earn money, you know.

Above all I would like to thank God for this opportunity that He has given.

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