Friday, August 24, 2007

Engine Oil Drying Up

In July we received a complaint from our distributor informing us that one of their customers complained that his engine oil dries up after 2 week using their brand. When they switched back to their old brand, no problem.

If you experience the same, the manufacturer of the engine oil is not to be blamed.

One of the main reasons that could leads to the problem is car engine modifications. Modify them to make the car runs faster, those sorts of things. Modification without care upset the OEM's configurations. The car can easily become overheated due to it.

Secondly, they want freebies. Some people go from oil companies to oil companies for freebies and they will come up with all sorts of complaint/problem to get what they want. Normally, big companies wanna save face so, they give.

So, we are here to educate them as not to be conned by this greedy bunch of people.

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