Saturday, August 04, 2007

Earning British Pound

1 Pound is equivalent to 7 Malaysian Ringgit. No wonder a lot of people are looking for opportunity to work in UK. Some of my friend and relatives who are nurses are already there earning in Pounds. If I am given the opportunity and still single, I think I would go there too to earn my fortune.

Ever dream of wearing kilt and blowing pipes? Yes, yes, you got me, I am talking about Scotland. There are a lot of job opening in Scotland. There are a lot of jobs in Edinburgh for you to choose from. How I know? I found this website called the GumTree.

There are 2 things that you can find when you browse through the jobs in Edinburgh. People who advertise for job vacancy and also the job seeker. Do go through it to see whether there is any job that suits you. If you can't find any, just advertise yourself and pray hard that someone would like to hire you. :)

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