Saturday, August 04, 2007

Does Free Stuff Last?

After hubby complained that his watch is broken, I was thinking to surprise him with one of the Casio G-Shock Watches. It is tough and durable and it is made in Japan, not in China. I heard China products are very cheap but their quality is very something that you should think twice before buying.

Anyway, I got a free watch for him already, looks like a G-Shock but you will never know how long it will last. Free stuff. So I went to look for "standby" watch over the web in case his free watch decided to "commit suicide". hehe.

I found an online watch store that sells all kind of watch, mostly from major brands at a price cheaper than the normal market price. Saving up to 70%! It is true. Believe me. It's at Maybe I'll get one for hubby's birthday which in 4 months time. Enough time for me to save money to buy it.

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