Monday, August 20, 2007

Bloggerwave, where is my payment?

I noticed that a few bloggers are writing about Bloggerwave again. Just a reminder. To date, I only receive one payment from them. $10 only. They still owe me $50 since May 2007. I have written to them twice but no reply. Are they for real? To those who wants to earn some extra income from blogging, please sign up for SponsoredReviews, ReviewMe, PPP, Blogitive, Smorty, BloggingAds, PayU2Blog etc. They are very good pay master. Times up, they will surely pay you, provided the post you wrote for them is still up in your blog. :)


montessorimum said...

Bloggerwave sucks...I waited so long to get my payment too and I wrote to them many times with no proper reply.

They don't even have new opps for so long. They are pretty dead.

IMMomsDaughter said...

I have no problem with their payment so far but no oppslah