Saturday, August 25, 2007

Am I still working

Every time when my SIL that attends that same church that we used to attend come to visit, she will ask whether I am still working.

"Yes, I am still working with the same company. Why do you frequently ask nowadays?" my answers and my question.

It seems that the church members there always ask her updates about my family. Thinking that since hubby has a business; I might resign and be a SAHM. I wish I can but that is not possible as hubby still do not have any salary yet from the business.

People always think that once you have your own business, you are a rich man. I used to think the same way too until we are in their shoe.

Building up business takes a lot of time and money too. Money makes more money.

As for now, hubby is a very poor businessman and I am still working in the same company. :)

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