Thursday, August 30, 2007

Alive Blog Directory

You all have heard (which I am positively sure) of Yellow Pages. It is the listing of the telephone numbers and advertisements of companies and business in your state or country. It is quite useful and easy to use especially when you need to find and buy certain things. You just need to flip through and look for the related topic or categories and find the numbers listed there. I have used it many times and it is like an essential book for the office.

Now, Yellow Pages do not have a list of all the blogs. No, if you want to search for blogs, you must use blog directory. With Alive blog directory you would be able to find various blog categories easily and find the blog you wanted to see. And that is not all that you can do. If you yourself do have a blog and would like your blog to be listed in the directory (just like listing your business in Yellow Pages) you can do so. Others would be able to find your blog listed in its category. Do check it out.

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