Saturday, July 07, 2007

Teaching Him A Lesson

We have a few foreign workers in my factory. One of them is very lazy and always got himself drunk. He has been suspended from work a few times but he still got himself drunk on working days and of course he did not turn up for work. He purposely does that so that he can go back to his country for free before his permit ends. Boss knew his trick.

Two days back, the OM did something which to me is quite inhumane. He wanted to teach him a lesson. Got him to pack his bag. He thought that the company is sending him back. Happily went into the car. OM dropped him off the highway and left him there with $3 only! The only way he can get back to the factory is by walking a few km to catch a bus.

Today, I heard from my colleague that he walked all the way to the Prod. Manager's house which is quite near to the highway with blister all over his feet due to the walking.

I just hope that he will learn his lesson and come back to work by Monday. If not, I wonder what will the OM do next!

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