Saturday, July 28, 2007

My New Look - 2

I am fickle minded. hehe. I changed again. Thank God I did not change boyfriend as fast as I change this blog templates. :P

Well, actually I encountered problems with the links in my post in my previous template. The links are not visible. It does not stand out. Meaning when you read my blog, you can't see any links even though I link certain word.

Before the blog advertiser get to me, I quickly change template because I dunno how to fix the link problem. I am HTML illiterate.

Good also lar. Due to it I found this cool template by idwebtemplate. They offer free template design too. However, there's a slight problem. You can't leave comment in my blog! That feature is not available. I have already email them to help me fix it. I hope they will reply me soonest. :D

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