Saturday, July 14, 2007

Monovision Lasik

As we age, our eyes age too. Maybe will go from nearsighted to farsighted. We can see far clearly but no near. It will be obvious when you need to read. The first thing we will do is get ourselves a pair of reading glasses but it kind of hassle to change glasses every time we need to read. Normally this can be corrected by getting contact lenses or monovision Lasik. Yes, there is lasik for monovision only. I think my lady boss got both when she did her Lasik 2 months ago. I just hope that I do need any reading glasses. Don’t look cool wearing it. :P


Anonymous said...

I am Jess from Penang,having shortsightedness and interested to undergo LASIK. May I know from your lady boss got the LASIK from which centre? What kind of LASIK? How are the charges like? Any drawback?

Tks for your input.

miche said...

hi jess, will ask my lady boss bout it...btw, can u pls email me at

miche said...

she done it at Optimax. the website: they have branch in Penang too. btw, she forgotten what kinda lasik done but it was to correct her shortsightedness and astic. the cost is around RM6400 after discount.