Monday, July 09, 2007

Do I want a new car?

"Do you think we should buy a new car?", hubby asked me.
"Yalo... I was thinking about that too", I replied.
"Do you think we can afford it?", he asked me again.

My mind did a quick calculation of the expenses we are have to pay every month. With my current salary and the extras that I get from blogging, maybe we could afford a cheap car. It may not be a new car but something within the average income from the paid blogging.

"Yes, we can afford it but it should not be more than $500 a month for the installments" I told him.
Silence for awhile. Wah.. if ever we do buy a car, then the pressure is there to make more money from the paid blogging.

"Pressure lah for me, have to make sure that I achieve certain amount per day from the blogs", I said out loud, more to say out my thought than to inform hubby about it.

Silence again.

Suddenly he voiced out. "I think the main problem is not so much of whether we should get a car but whether we have time to maintain our current cars. We just are too busy to send the cars for regular maintenance."
With that, the discussion ended.

Yes, our cars have been giving us problems again. Battery problem and the car could not start. Both our cars are old, more than 20 years old. We have been thinking about getting a new car but the thought of paying the monthly installments for 5 years really put the thoughts away. We tried to be debt free whenever possible. However, if ever I want to get a car, I would most probably go for used cars that are still "new", less than 3 years old. Oh ya, I can check online for all the types of car available for sale at They have all the database of the various Used Cars that is up for sale. It is very convenient and I can easily get the information about the car I am interested.

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