Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Colloidal Silver As a Preventive Medicine

Now I know why the people in olden age use silverware. It not only serve as a symbol of riches but it is also has health benefit. Do you know that silver is an antibiotic too? It kills bacteria. Those days, they keep their food and drink in silver container as to reduce bacterial growth and the spread of illness. Silver was also applied topically to burns and skin infections as it naturally promoted speedy healing.

Have you heard of colloidal silver? It is a liquid form of silver. To obtain it, microscopic pieces of silver will be suspended in deionized water and introducing it to an electrical charge. If you drink it, it will work on behalf of the body’s immune system, eliminating unhealthy cells and eradicating microorganisms before they develop into illness or disease. What colloidal silver does is, it defends the body against microorganisms before they can take root and cause illness. Well, prevention is always better than cure right?

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