Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Are You Irreplaceable?

Back to PM. He always comes in late because he has a veggie farm and he sends veggie to the market and vendor before coming to office. That is why he is always late. He did inform OM that he wanted to resign as the income from farming is doubled that what he is earning working for this company.

Yesterday, he told lady boss that he wanted to resign but since he is VERY IMPORTANT. Lady boss told him that it is ok for him to come in late as long as his work is done and the production still runs without him. And this is what the PM told my colleague, “Like that I come in even later!” Because he just need to give a call to the blender and tell him what to blend.

What makes him important is, he does not share his knowledge with others. Only he knows how to modify certain formulation if something goes wrong with the products. They rest of us are not important to the company because we share our knowledge with the rest. So, if I am not around, my colleague can easily take over my responsibility.

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