Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh No! Swiss Cash Banned for Malaysian

I read The Star today and the Malaysian government is going all out blocking access to internet investment websites. I did blog about my colleague invested with SwissCash. I check the website today, and it is not accessible anymore. I told her about it but she is still cool and calm about it. She told me that her agent informed her about this possibility and she will still get her returns whether the government ban the website or not.

It still did not give me the confidence to invest with SwissCash. I will stick to earning my money the hard way. Squeezing my brain and write sponsored post. ;)

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There’s a rumour that there is a program available that will help you get access to the site. You could go to and install and start the program “Fregate 6.33” and see if that does the trick for you! Regardless of investing with SwissCash or not, good luck to you!

Eng.parvizt said...

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