Thursday, June 07, 2007

No Much Opp from PPP for Me

I really thank God that even though I can't grab much PPP opp especially those paying big buck, I still have other channel to earn income from blogging like Blogitive, SponsoredReviews, PayU2Blog and Smorty. Well, God knows how much I needed the extra income to support my family at this time of financial difficulty. :D


Hayley said...

Hello there! I came across your blog googling for PPP. How are these other sites you mention? Easy to use and easy to get accepted? I, too, am not able to get any of the big buck opps. I do appreciate every one I DO get, but bills stack up, as you know.

Good luck! :)

Chris the Geek said...

I feel your pain, especially being stuck in the office. Anyways, I think your blog is pretty awesome. I'd be glad to offer you one of my awesome, super soft shirts in exchange for a link. Go here for details or email me.


Chris Geek

IMMomsDaughter said...

Hi Miche, Can exchange link with my new blog Drop me a note if you are agreeable & I'll return the favour. Thanks.

miche said...

hayley, yes it's very easy to get approved and payment in a week or two. :)