Thursday, May 24, 2007

Punch Card

My boss exploded again yesterday. Thank God this time it is not me who has to bear the shots. My clerk coz she was the one checking the punch card everyday.

You see, for the pass few days he came in during the lunch break and observe those you return from lunch. Some of the Nepalese that came in slightly late did not punch their attendance card. Obviously someone who came in earlier, punched for them.

He got mad and asked my colleague for all the attendance card. He went thru every single piece (not many, there are only 18 pcs) and discovered that many came late for this month.

This is due to the punch card machine. It has become faster by itself gradually from 1 minutes to 12 minutes till yesterday. So, my other colleague went to adjust it. Everyone came in early or on time today! :D

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mama bok said...

We so "chin chai" yet our ex-workers.. say we are not good.. ! aiyah..!! they should get bosses like yours..!