Saturday, May 05, 2007

Appetite Suppressant

Some of us have very low metabolism rate and have weakness when it comes to disciplining ourselves to go on diet and stop munching away. No matter how much they exercise, they just can’t loose the extras weight. People like them need to swallow Ionimine, an appetite suppressant tablets.

Ionimine is non-prescription appetite suppressant that mimics Ionamin. Ionamin give good result but the strong side effects from dry mouth to insomnia make it an unpopular diet pill for doctors to prescribe. That is why many go for Ionimine. It’s formula provides stimulation to those parts of the brain that control hunger and suppress the body’s need for food without stimulating other parts of the brain that produce unwanted side effects. From the testimonials I read, some of them loose 5 pounds within the first one-week and some 61 pounds in 4.5 month. Amazing isn’t it? Even famous celebrity like Oprah Winfrey has taken Ionimine. Look how slim she is now. For more information on the diet package and testimonials, please visit

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