Sunday, May 20, 2007

3 NCRs

Audit is over and we got 3 minor NCRs (Non-Conformance Report) this year. Better than previous year though. If I am not mistaken, we got 5 lasts year. The NCRs, 2 for my dept. and 1 for production.

This year the auditor really emphasized on On-Time delivery. To me it is good as now, business is very competitive and we have to give more focus on meeting customers’ requirement besides producing quality products. We have quality products but we always deliver late. It will affect the customer's sales too. In long run, it goes on like this; the customer's customer will definitely look for other alternative. They loose business, we loose business too. So, I need to crack my head to generate a better Order Review, Material Planning and Production Planning form. Yup, I have to crack my head for the Storekeeper and Production Manager too!

The auditor made a remark that our bosses are not committed and shows no interest in the quality system as they made themselves disappear during the audit. We were informed about the audit one month ago and he purposely arranges a trip up North to settle his personal agenda, not business trip. And he told me to inform the auditor that he is in oversea for a business trip to which I refused to lie for him. I just told the auditor that he went outstation. Full stop.

The auditor also commented that we have the same training program for 3 years in a row but none of us were sent to any of it. My Operation Manager told the auditor to issue NCR to the boss! To which of course the auditor would not. Must give face mah!

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