Monday, May 21, 2007

18L is not 18kg

We received a customer complaint about a product that is pack in 18L container. The customer complaint that the content is not 18L. He based his complaint on the weight of the product. He weighed and told us that it is less than 17kg.

Obviously he thought that 1L of lubricant is equivalent to 1kg.

The normal weight or we call it product density of a lubricant is around 0.85. Meaning 1L = 0.85kg. So an 18L = 15.3kg then you plus the pail weight around 1kg. So the gross weight of the product is only 16.3kg.

So, if you weigh your 4L car lubricant and found that it is less than 4kg, please don't complaint to the seller.

From today onwards, I will try to slot in more tips about lubricating oil. :D

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mama bok said...

Defective customer..??