Thursday, March 08, 2007

Without MIL

I kinda get use to living by ourselves without MIL in the house. I got use to my daily routine. Sleep, wake up, chores, work, minding the children, chores and sleep. Sometimes things gets tough when the children fall sick or throw tantrum and I do not have enough sleep. I can survive without any maid.

But now, hubs is tied down. Work, sleep, minding the children, work. I am going to ask my mom to take care of them for whole day 2 days in a week. One day when the shop assistant’s off day and another day for hubby to do errant.

SPM result is coming out. I just hope that we would be able to find replacement if the shop assistant decided to continue her studies or find other job.

I don’t like changes.

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dazeeee said...

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