Thursday, March 22, 2007

Running away

Yup, I ran away. Not from home but from work. I have so many things on my mind now and I do not want anymore pressure from work, from the MD especially.

When we say "the best", we meant it but not to the customer. They will still tell you, "Please try your very best." I was like that too with my suppliers but after working for so many years, I don't do that anymore unless the reason given is not reasonable.

Next thing the customer do is, get their highest in authority for speak to my highest authority, my MD. They think, by speaking to him, it will get the ship to sail faster. I die faster got lar, listening to him nag nag nag.

So, here am I, blogging from hubby's shop. Preparing my mind for tomorrow. At least by tomorrow, my MD has cool down a lil bit.

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