Thursday, March 08, 2007


Parenting is not easy. Before I have my own, I sometimes judge the parents when their children misbehave. Now, I know. I shall not and must not judge others. Forgive me, Lord.

Children will follow our footstep. We are their living example. No doubt they learn from the square box but our blood and genes are in them. I was a very hot-tempered person before I know Christ. My children are hot tempered and stubborn (from their daddy’s genes..hehe) too. Due to these, I always loose my tempered and scream at them. Now, Belle is always screaming back at me and scolding me. I don’t blame her. It is my fault in the first place. Now I have to undo it while they are still young and moldable. It won’t be easy, splitting my attention to all three but God please help!!! Must show more love and explain to my children on my action after every rebuke.

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