Thursday, February 01, 2007

Recruitment Service

When I first heard about headhunters, the first thing that came to my mind is, fierce looking men in thongs with painted face, pierced mouth and headgears made of animal bones holding a sword or some kind of weapon going around looking for heads to be chopped off to be preserved it as trophies! That’s what I learn from history.

In this present time, it is actually a slang people use referring to a recruitment company like A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. They have been established since 1967. 40 years of experience being headhunters. If you are looking a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field, they are the one for you.

Due to their reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements have helped them build strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates. Their recruiters are not freshies in the workforce. They have all had successful careers in the industries, and they bring an invaluable depth of experience, skill and insight to their work with AEF. Their knowledge contacts and feel for their respective fields enable them to make the best matches and find the tightest fits for each job.

They are able to fill positions — nationally — from middle to executive to top “C level” management… from associates to partners… and from analysts to managing directors because their practice area include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products.

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