Tuesday, February 06, 2007

All Because of PMS

I just realised that certain things that happened lately won't happen if it wasn't PMS time. I would respond differently and take more control of my emotion. Then things won't be like how it is now. I am very emotional during PMS, breaks down easily and become very fragile. I wish people around me know when is my PMS then they won't bring up certain issues at that period of time. My emotion takes over my mind during PMS. That is not good.

At this jucntion in my life, I want to say this "I HATE YOU, PMS!"


Leishia J said...

try taking evening primrose. it helps in regulating not just the menses, but it actually helps soften those much-hated mood swings.tc

mIcHe said...

can't take EPO now, still breastfeeding. normally i'll take it after my baby wean from bf.

Leishia J said...

aww shucks.

maybe go the traditional route and take calming teas loh. like... chamomile tea and stuff, i heard they really calm u down.

munaks said...

erm no offence lah but u have been having PMS for like wat, 20 years? shouldnt you be like used to it? erm sorry, dun mean to offend. Its something i told my gf and she thought deeply about this and realised it was true

mIcHe said...

ya it is true that i had it for 20 years but i was single and carefree for the first 15 years. emotionally i was stable. at my present stage now, with all the things that i am going thru now, PMS is very prominent. 15 years agao, i have no stress, no vast hormonal change due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, no "responsibility"

u just wait and see whether ur gf PMS will become worst when you guys have a family already. :D