Friday, January 26, 2007


I asked my husband this question before, “Why can’t we be rich?”

His answer is simple; “We can never be rich because whatever money that God bless us with, we will give it back to Him.” Then the more God should bless us right? He blesses us more, we give more.

At present it is very frustrating that we are unable to give coz we have none. The little that we have, we give and we are left with none. But we are content with what we have.

Sometimes I do whine about not having more than enough but when I think about those who are less blessed. I praise God for His blessing upon my life. I have clothes to wear, a house for shelter, good food to eat and an old car to bring me and my children around (at times I do wish I have a newer car).

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Johnny Ong said...

continue to give even though u felt u wont have enough to survive. God is testing your faithfulness at certain point of time. if with the little u cant give, what more a big sum. in your heart u can say 'of course, i can give a big amount'. well, staying faithful then as the time will come and it will overflow. telling u this based on experience