Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Apartment (Part 2)

December and January, more savings go to the home loan installment, equals to no saving. My eldest daughter started schooling, business is still not making money and my salary is not enuf for all the expenses. Chinese New Year is coming and I don’t have extra money to buy new clothes for myself, have not buy shoes for my girls and I need cash too for the angpows. I gave up. I do not want to hold this burden anymore. Told hubby, by end of this month, no tenant, put up the apartment for sale.

At the same time, my conscience told me that, “Hey look, God has blessed you with the apartment, He will bless you with a tenant too, He will take care of the home loan too, have faith, continue to trust in Him.”

Few weeks back, a group of student, boys and girls came to see, willing to pay 100 ringgit more from my previous tenant. But the girls are fussier. They did not call to confirm. I gave up again but hubby told me to wait (he is always the one with more faith than me). “Sure got people want to rent one” he assured me.

Yesterday, students from Botswana came to take a look at my apartment. And another group of student from Middle East asking for it too. Tomorrow, we are getting the deposit for the apartment from a student from Rwanda. And they are renting 150 ringgit more than the previous tenant. Isn’t God good? HALLELUYAH!!!

Please forgive me Lord, again and again and again for loosing faith in You again and again and again.

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Mama BoK said...

God will understand Miche..! we are only human.. and it's in our nature to worry.. especially when we have small kids.. and employees to answer to. Yer doing alright.. Miche..! donch be too hard on yourself.. :)