Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Apartment (Part 1)

I almost give up this apartment. It is one of the cause of my financial problem. But this is also a God given apartment. Without Him intervening, I think I will be in a bigger dept by buying a more expensive apartment without any tenancy. I heard that the apartment that I am supposed to buy is still available for sale after 2 years of completion.

For the first 2 years, I don’t pay a single cents for the monthly installment. Paid by the students who rented it. Got extra some more. After 2 years, the management who handles the tenancy gave up my apartment coz they can’t find students to rent it coz many new apartments coming up. My boy just reached his full moon. My hubby resign from his job in the same month. We can’t find any tenant for 4 months and I almost used up all the little savings that I have to pay for the home loan. I took the risk of installing 3 units of air-cond in the apartment to increase the possibility for getting tenant. After much tears and prayers, God send a tenant but it was only for 2 months. We rented to him below market rate just to cover our monthly installment and later found out that it is not still enough to pay for the taxes and insurance. We still praise God for that. And we learn one big mistake, we did not add a clause in the agreement about terminating tenancy in less than a year. We gave the tenant back all his deposit.

to be continued...

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Mama BoK said...

Really happy for you .. Miche.. that everything is turning out alright for you ..! hang in there.. my dear.. i know it's hard.. but it can't get any worst..!! remember that.. :)