Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Seri Costa Hotel

Colleague approached me this morning, "I give you a story to write in your blog want or not?" "Ok, shoot." Below is the story:

My colleague and his friend, Mr T went to
Seri Costa Hotel situated at Plaza Mahkota, Malacca to meet a friend who is staying in that hotel. While waiting for the friend to come down from his room, Mr T really needs to use the washroom to pee.

As he was searching for the washroom, an old man stopped him, he was thinking "Ah...good at least someone is kind enough to show him where's the washroom." Much to his surprise, the old man did not allow him to use the washroom because he is not the quest to hotel. Ok, since he REALLY need to pee, he offered him money to use the hotel facilities. The old man still refused to let him go PEE!!! "Haiya...pee right where you stand lar!!!"

Later they found out that that's the owner's grumpy old dad. He even sit with his leg on the table in the hotel lobby watching tv!

Even I myself have been to the hotel before, the service is very very bad. SAD.

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