Monday, December 18, 2006

Baby Bok Choi

I pity Mama Bok. Not the pity kinda pity. It just that her worker/s always buat hal, she is not able to go to the city to buy her Chinese groceries.

I bought a Nyonya Steam Fish paste and a Seafood paste, thinking that I'll surprise her with that. Upon weighing and checking the postal cost, it will cost me almost RM30 to send to Canada!!!

I wish, I am rich, if not rich, at least, my apartment is rented out, business is making money, I have a laptop, a digital camera, my car air-cond is fixed, afford to buy education insurance for Barnabas and buy more than one new clothes for myself and my children, and the list goes on...

So I put that on hold. Maybe I'll send her some curry powder instead, since it is lighter. Will drop by a mini market afterwards.

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