Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Someone (i wont call him customer coz he has not purchase anything from us yet) called asking for quotation for certain products.

Pardon my mandarin ok. I’m banana.
He: Ni Keh Yi Chiang Hua Yi mah?
Me: Puk Keh Yi.
He: Chiang Ingwen ok?
Me: Ok

Business talk.

He: You got very nice voice. You never try out for Malaysian Idol?
Me: Hah??? I got blocked nose and was sniffing while talking to you, u said i got nice voice!! U ok or not??? No lar, where got nice?
Me: Dont wanna entertain him so much. Please fax me your request ok?
Me: Bye.

Sorry lar Mr, I wont quote you lower. Dont waste your saliva praising my voice ok!

Gua tak makan puji punya. :P

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