Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Breeding Missionaries!

Latest update. My husband is going to Aceh with the Salvation Army group from 24th Jan to 1st Feb 2005. Me, stuck here again with my babies and work. I was asking him, when will I ever go for a mission trip again? Everytime there is mission trip opportunity, I'm not able to go due to babies. Either I'm pregnant or I have an infant to care for. It seems that I will never be able to go for a mission trip again! I made a statement to my hubby "All I do now is making future missionaries!" Then he said that it is a higher calling. Not easy to raise up a future missionaries! Is there such thing as a calling for making babies?!!!!


sari said...

Hey! I love yr blog! Its so cute!!! Yr one young mom! I used this blog skin previously then I decided to change it. Its nice to jot down lil details isnt it. I was posting so many pics until my blogger kinda screwed up. Do post pics at www.multiply.com Its like an online community like friendster, but u can keep a blog, save up reviews, recipes and lots of unlimted pics. I used both. heehee~

Sheepmanger said...

It is a great honor and blessing to have children and be permitted to raise them up in the fear of the Lord. Do not worry, as you are faithful in careing for the little ones God has placed in your hands He will open doors for both you and them to work for His greater glory and the betterment of your family. God bless you.

powerpuff said...

just wondering, where did you get the teadog similar hotdog from ?
i have cravings for it and the only ones i can think of is the viking. orange julius ones are not huge enough hahahahah

powerpuff said...


regarding your concern.. well, i think you wanting to bring up your kids the form of Christian lifestyle, is already a calling.
Your hubby is kinda right in that sense. You know most of us just wana be parents. We never really think too much about how are you gona bring up our kids and make sure they follow His path.

I dont foresee many of my friends' kids being missionaries or them hoping their kids to be either.

In some sense, its special.

powerpuff said...

oh yeah one more thing, Dont worry..... you will be able to go on mission trips again... in a few years time...there's always help needed around the world. Once your kids are older, you will have more time to go as and when needed =)

mIcHe said...

Dear Powerpuff, thank you for dropping by my blog and for all your comments. really appreciate it. as for the hotdog, i got it from a stall at tesco, malacca. it is called wafer hotdog. :) am going to save money to visit a missionary family in east timor soon.