Friday, November 05, 2004

Preparing for Salvation Army Food Fair

For this year, since we have lots of tilapia fish, we decided to sell ikan bakar for the food fair. All together David caught 80 fishes, nearly 25kg. The food fair is tomorrow. So we did our preparation yesterday. Fry the paste, wash banana leaves and pandan leaves, slice daun limau purut, slice onion and wrapping up the fish. Thank God for my mom-in-law. She helped out in taking care of Annabelle, washing, frying and cutting the banana leaves. We went to bed at 2am. I almost fainted. Too tired. It was a very very tiring night. Earlier we planned to sell 150 fishes, thank God the fish was smart enough to hide when David tired catching them that day. If not, I will sure pengsan! Below are the snapshots of the fish and preparation.

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