Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dying in Mission Field

I am reading a book titled "And The Seed Grew" by Paul & Nathalie Means. They wrote about the mission work among the Sengoi in Pahang from 1921 - 1981. After reading a few chapters and reading about death to the misionaries' wife and the missionaries themselves, I go home and tell my husband "Dear, I do not want to die in the mission field, especially after giving birth!"

Pondering back to the statement above, I realised that I am not ready to be martyr for Christ! All this while, since I accepted the marriage proposal, I thought I am ready to follow my husband to wherever God calls him to go! I am ready to follow my husband but I am not ready to die for Christ yet! How leh??? When can I be ready? Will I ever be ready? What to do???


aish said...

Pray loh :)

well, like the title of your blog says, "in His time", trust in Him, and in His time, you will see a new phase in your life that you' never imagined it happening!

It's exciting! :)

David Bong said...

It is better to die for Christ than to die for your husband. You must love Christ more than your husband. Christ should be our first and foremost priority and love.

Your husband is just a gift to you from God, so you must love the Giver more than the gift itself.

mIcHe said...

eh. did i mentioned that i'm willing to die for u? :P

suz said...

the other time when i wrote smth bout that rite, NISS said something that i'm sure almost everyone has thought time or another...

"willing....but pls Jesus, no torture! if martyr also, die quickly!"
pray that God'll gif The Heavenly Man...ncie nice book! =) i ahve the book if u wanna borrow it.