Monday, September 13, 2004

Picnic with OA Children

Yesterday was the day that the Gapam OA children has been waiting for. Picnic at Tg Bidara Beach for full attendance to literature class. David went to pick them up at 8am as promised, using the church van. I think he arrived there earlier as all of them reach my house at 8.15am. After loading up all the stuff that we wanted to bring, David gave the van a quick rinse as it was full of mud. The road to Gapam was muddy due to the logging activities that is going on there. 15 of us cramped in the van. As we were about to move, the van jerks but David still continue driving hoping that it will get better as we move on. However, we managed to drag the van to the warong that I'm supposed to buy nasi lemak for lunch. Due to the condition of the van, we decided to have the picnic at Pantai Kundur instead Just 15 mins drive from where we are compared to Tg Bidara, an hour drive there. As we were about to leave, the van condition got worse, it continue to jerk and there was explode sound. So we decided to drive back home and borrow another smaller van and my sis Kancil. PTL, we managed to arrive home safely eventhough the jerking and the exploding still occurs.

Then of we go to Pantai Kundur. David took the OA with him in Terry's van. Me, Bro. Andrew's 3 boys and Belle in my sis Kancil. We arrived there at 10am. The Chengs are already there when we arrived. This is the first time for all the OA children and their mom seeing a beach! They went to play in the water for 1.5 hours. Then called them up for sand castle building. They are very creative and build beautiful "villages" with the sand. Belle too had a good time playing with the sand by herself. Getting all the sand on her face and mouth. Then swallow some of it when she drinks her water from her bottle. I just pray that God will sanctify it so that she won't fall sick!

I had a chat with the OA children's mom to kill time. Nothing much, just normal stuff like number of children she has (8), source of income (min RM600/mth), and oh ya... i complained to her about her 3rd daughter's laziness in class. She's aware of it. Hehehe. By 11am, I started bbq-ing the fishes and sausages that I brought using a portable gas stove that was given to David and me by a church member as our engagement gift. Started eating lunch at 11.45am. Halfway bbq-ing a pack of sausage the gas finish. Thank God by then, most of them have their share of the fish and sausage. They enjoyed my bbq sauce. :) By 12.30pm, we pack up and head home. It was a tiring day for Belle. She slept standing in her seat!

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aish said...

Lots of fun i see.... which reminds me.... uhhh we forgot to get the burger for u lahhh!!! :( sorry. really forgot. next trip k? i'll log it into my reminder.definitely next trip!