Tuesday, July 13, 2004

My Dot-dot

She is 14 months old and quite a handful at times. My mom babysits her. Everyday, sure my mom will tell me something new that she encounter about my dot-dot. Last month was the 'bak-chang' season and my dot-dot has been eyeing on the 'chang' thinking that it was some kind of fruit because my mom hangs it on the kitchen cabinet. Today, my mom ate one for breakfast while accompanying my dot-dot watching sesame street. She was eating half and the other half was in the other hand. Within split second my dot-dot grab the other half with both hands and start chewing on it! Finally...she get to taste the 'chang fruit' she's been eyeing all this while...hehehehe. Picture of her? Sorry lar...dunno how to post photo in this blog...:(


wacky wabbit said...

hey you turned blue!

liquidblade support said they will create your account soon. you will receive an email once it is ready. over there easier to post pics i supposed.

mIcHe said...

i was not in a good mood yesterday :(

wacky wabbit said...

what happened ?

btw ... just passing the word ... your liquidblade account been created